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Joe Deu-Ngoc – Bowdometer

“Joe Deu-Ngoc – Bowdometer”

While perusing the Archery Wire, I came across a press release for this cool device that counted arrows and data that would help you become a better archer. I thought an interview on a show dedicated to the New School Archer would be perfect.


1:30 what is a Bowdometer?
2:30 how the device mounts to a bow
3:45 What kind of data does the Bowdometer record?
8:00 Other than how it can help the beginner and intermediate shooter, Joe explains how this can assist the advanced archer.
21:00 the story of how Bowdometer and two software engineers came up with the app.
24:20 The most common question asked about Bowdometer
25:30 Joe explains how this is meant to be a global product that spans age ranges and demographics.


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