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Justin Ma – The Way of Archery and Traditional Chinese Archery

Bowcast Archery Podcast 009 - Justin Ma - Chinese Traditional Archery

“Justin Ma – The Way of Archery and Traditional Chinese Archery”

Justin Ma, author of The Way of Archery, and Chinese archery historian stops by to talk about this ancient art form, he shares his experiences, tips for traditional shooting and a bit of interesting history.


1:00 Introduction
4:00 The difference between Chinese bows and recurve/long bow.
10:30 Thumb draws and thumb rings
14:30 anchor points
17:00 why he focuses on the bow shoulder with new archers and how to settle it prior to the draw.
23:30 some history on the sport, significant figures and traditions.
31:30 details for submitting questions for a follow-up episode


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