Danny Hinton Talks Bow Maintenance, Tuning and Draw Stops

December 16, 2020

“BowCast Podcast Episode 007 – Danny Hinton Talks Bow Maintenance, Tuning and Draw Stops”

My original plan for this episode was talking about home bow maintenance.

It turned into so much more…

Pt 1

      • 2:30 How proshops are a disappearing breed and how the youtubers are making it look more complex than it needs to be.
      • 4:30 Per Danny, if your bow is set up properly, bow maintenance is unnecessary.
      • 8:45 How you can tell a bow is tuned correctly out of the bow and what the “squish” is.
      • 13:45 “Draw stop” explained.
      • 21:00 Top 3 things you should inspect on your bow after a long period of not shooting it.


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