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The Story of the Bowcast Archery Podcast Relaunch

Bowcast Archery Podcast 001 - Time Endsley - The Story of the BowCast Archery Podcast Relaunch

Tim Endsley and Carrie Zylka sit down to chat about how the Bowcast podcast was a pioneer back in the day. They share stories of how the forums and episodes helped make them better archers and bowhunters. They walk through how the show started, the slew of hosts, how Tim ended up purchasing the show and how Carrie Zylka became the final show host.



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Welcome to another episode of Bowcast . This is the archery podcast with the new school Archer in mind. Bowcast covers everything from tips, techniques and archery technology that will help raise your success in the field. And now here’s your host covering the straight shot. Carrie Zylka


Carrie Zylka  00:37

Welcome to the intro bowcast 2.0 episode, I am your new hostess Carrie Zylka Tim Endsley is on the phone. We’re going to talk about why we relaunched Bowcast the history and progression of it and his role in it and how it ended up in my lap. So Tim, obviously Welcome to sorting


Tim Endsley  01:01

Yeah, it’s Yeah, it’s gonna it’s gonna be great to actually be part of it. You know, it was such a big part of my life for so long just as a fan, you know, I was one of those guys that was on Bowcast , like every night, you know, on the website, reading the message boards and reading the blogs and listening to different podcasts with different people. And it’s where I got my knowledge, you know, most of my knowledge before I ever really got into the industry and I was just, you know, and still think about it every day as of the stuff that I learned that I could get on broadcast and either on the message board or do a podcast some way I could get questions answered if I had if I was having problems or just if I had questions and I wanted to see it come back to that. So that was that it was that place for me and I think it was the same for for so many other people.


Carrie Zylka  01:57

Now, and for the listeners who are who weren’t listeners back in the day for all you new listeners Bowcast was this amazing archery website. It was bow hunting and archery focused. It was the very first bowhunting and archery podcast for sure. And it was, it’s like you said, it’s where I got my start. I remember being super cold in November in Wisconsin rifle hunting, and I was like, this sucks. I want to be a bow hunter so I can hunt earlier and my dad was not a bow hunter. You know, I didn’t know anybody who was into archery. And I was like, I have no idea. How do we even begin? I had just started listening to outdoor podcasts. The joke with Mike Adams, the grandfather of all podcasts of hunting podcasters. Up North Journal was the very first hunting podcast so he was the only one that I was listening to at the time. So I reached out to him and was like, Hey, you guys don’t really do a lot of archery and bow hunting. Do you know of any resources and he’s like, you gotta check out this podcast called Bowcast . And, man, I cannot explain to people when I say that I learned 80% of anything I know about archery or bow hunting. I literally learned from Bowcast back in the day 10 plus years ago, literally in like, forums and, you know, I became a blogger for them and as a kind of an intro to archery and my journey into archery and bow hunting. And that really helped me as well because I got to document a lot of the things that I was working through and experiences and I can’t even I cannot think the originators of both asked enough for the knowledge that they imparted to me, for sure. And I know a lot of people out there feel the same way.


Tim Endsley  03:48

Yeah, me too. I was the same way. I mean, it’s, and when I came along, you know, it was it was pretty much Anthony and Shawn did everything then Brad, you know, was kind of doing some of the production stuff. And it was, you know, just just listening to those guys talk and then you know reading your blog just all the different, and Brady Miller’s, you know, blog that was on there but he was writing for them then and a lot of people know, but he’s gone on to become quite famous mule deer connoisseur. He works for Go Hunt now full time. Brady was on there you were on the other end and then people were just so willing to answer your questions and it wasn’t like a big argument a big side on a message board you know, you got on there. Everywhere everyone was willing to, to discuss you know, and and willing to help each other and that was just like I said it was it was my go to place and then fortunately, when I started a company called Bad medicine archery back in the day. I did some work for broadcast and then they actually found my story interesting. So Brian, Sean had the honor as a guest, I ended up coming out like two or three times with those guys as a guest. And it was it was exciting to be part of that, you know that that to not only be you know, a big fan of the website, and then all of a sudden I’m kind of somewhat in the industry and to find those guys that I’ve looked up to two hours tops on, you know, found something about me interesting enough that they want me to be a guest on the podcast. I think what was crazy was, I think Waddell microwatt there was the guest the week before and then I was kissing next week and I was like, freaky to me, you know that. That that happened then. And you know, and whatever happened with with Shawn and Anthony the bride it all kind of they all had different things going on in their life and broadcasted it up in the in the hands of Kenny and and Jimmy tried his hardest to keep it going. It just wasn’t really in the cards. I just saw it slip away and it just kind of made me sick you know, and I think he were the same way and so when Kenny couldn’t handle it anymore and decided that you know, he was gonna have to get out because he had real life going on and he I wanted to buy it. And so I bought it from him and you and I talked and we were actually gonna co host it and we were going to build it back up and about the time all that happened about 500 hunting podcast launched all at the same time. Yes, seriously. What just happened like they were they were about there were about five or six and all of a sudden this year, like we said with APA that you like, there were no 150 recording podcasts and I’m like, What just happened here? Like, what literally just happened? Then, you know, I still wanted to do something Within I felt like you and I were definitely the people that did it because we were such a big part of it before. But my production company took off and I started, I kind of had to make a choice because I’m just a one man band over here. So I do know pretty much all the film and all the post production and I’ve got you know, some sub sub guys that come in and help me film and help me you know, do some post production stuff, but for the most part, it’s just immediate. And I kind of had to make a choice I had to I had to concentrate on one thing or another because I just didn’t have enough time and that’s when you’re not talking and slide. You know, I’m just I was happy that you’re the one that ended up with it because it needed to be here. I want to know that ended up doing it. If it was anybody it should have been me, you or Brady. It should have been the one of the three of us should have ended up with it because I think it just meant that much to all three of us. You know,


Carrie Zylka  07:57

I know I it really did like When and you know I don’t like when I first and I started listening to a way, way back in the day when that when it was a Neil and Anthony event and those two rules, they’re all together they had the best chemistry. And then Sean, Sean always had the funniest one liners and they just, you know, throughout the years, the show just kind of changed a little bit. And that happens. You get it’s no different than when you’re in a job and you get a new manager, they have a different management style, they have different ideas of the direction that you should go in a podcast is very much the same way when you get a host that comes in they It started as one thing as it grows it morphs as well. And then you get different hosts and they have different ideas and they have different you know, circle of friends and stuff. And I wanted to just take it back to that original because it was such an educational podcast for me. It taught me so much. And I wanted to just get back to that to those roots. And I think that’s a really great and there are Other you know, educational archery podcasts out there, there definitely are. But, you know, bogus is where I got my start. So it’s just come kind of like coming home for me.


Tim Endsley  09:14

Well, it was in on the message boards like when you would get into chat room, I mean like you, you’re allowed to see anybody in there. I mean, I was on there one day and Randy over was on there. You were allowed to see anyone in there. I mean, there was some some the most famous outdoor riders to the person that just bought his first bow everyone was on and everyone was so friendly and helping each other. And it was just, I wanted to really see that come back. I mean, because it was really like a one stop shop for for archery. So if you wanted to, you know if you had any questions about you know, arrows, bows, broadheads shot plays anything you want to Ask someone that would help you and they did not make you feel like a big dummy. You know, they were like, you know, it was it was there was never that and if there was it’s not whatever dip dip start that someone put a stop to it like really fast. So just listen.


Carrie Zylka  10:18

Jason Amara was the moderator and he was super on top of it like super on top of it. I


Tim Endsley  10:26

think a lot of people don’t realize is total archery challenge. Bow Bowcast , I know Bowcast at the protest was the start it was, you know, Bowcast at the bird at Snowbird was the original total archery challenge, which that’s basically what happened whereas the people that don’t know larger challenge actually bought that tournament out and took it over. And so that’s where that’s where total archery challenge started was Boca Put the boat in. Oh, it got so big. Oh huge.


Carrie Zylka  11:04

It got so big and it was just too much for a couple of people. And, you know, Anthony is certain that clothing line and everything so he was being pulled in 100 different directions at once. And it was just so much. So I’m glad to see what they’ve done with it. I feel like total archery challenge took the vision of what they wanted to do with both gas at the bird and actually did exemplify it. I I’m kind of sad that the world I guess didn’t embrace it more, because you’d go to to Utah, and it was it was nuts. I mean, those are, those are crazy. like and what I have heard, I have not been to one, they tried to do one in Wisconsin and it just, they didn’t get enough pre sales to make it financially viable, which is


Tim Endsley  11:51

and that’s so crazy and it is so much fun. The thing I like about like, I don’t I don’t go to any archery tournament. home anymore like I used to. And it just all the bickering and people worried about, you know, whose pencil whip and this guy over a hat pin. Just really, especially for you take a guy like me that was basically professional athlete for 24 years. So I mean, I had to compete to make a living. So when I go somewhere and I see people, you know, arguing, arguing and, and losing friendships over, you know, winning a piece of paper or a plaque or happen, I’m no longer interested in that game. Like I don’t want to I don’t want to be here anymore. So when I that was the thing about total archery challenge going there. You’re just hoping you get everybody’s hoping to get that off the mountain with all the arrows. I mean, like you’re not keeping store. Nobody’s keeping score. I mean, you may be doing some friendly wagering, you know, with your buddies, target the target, but like you’re not keeping score. You’re just it’s just so much fun for the whole family. Everyone is on the mountain, shooting, having fun and you Literally hoping like it down the mountain with all your arrows, that’s the that’s the God’s honest truth. There’s there’s a cup because there’s so many different ranges that you can shoot. And they’re all different difficulties. But you know, you’re literally hoping that you get down the mat with all URLs. And you’d better You’d better take more than a quiver full when you get up there because you probably know when the first year I went to big staff the last day I went up no one want to shoot the hardest course was a sick of course. And the last day no one want to go shoot to there because we had to tear down I was up there with another company that then invited me up to do some work for them and so they didn’t want to they didn’t want to shoot everybody’s want to tear down you know, cuz everybody’s tired. I was like, Well, I’m going to go shoot a second course because I haven’t shot yet. So I went by myself. Well, I shot so good, you know, the last two days if I have I have lost one arrow the whole time I was there and and that’s Good, you know, because on a regular archery coach, you know, you’re not losing sales really, unless you’re just, you know, something really bad happens. But I would have shot six tours and I only took six hours. And when I got to the bottom of the hill, I had one runner, and I literally skipped some targets. Because I didn’t wanna lose that one. There was a couple targets. I’m not going to shoot at that. Because if I lose my arrow, I have to walk all the way back to the bottom of the mountain. Sorry about that. I don’t want to do that. So I would skip some targets. I thought were like, you know, like, there’s a good chance I’m gonna lose the arrow. I know like a, like a 95 yard Catalina. So yeah, but it was just, you know, but that to me that brought back and that’s exactly what you know, Anthony and Shawn and everyone’s trying to do with vocab play. With both the burgers bring it back to where it was fun. It was a challenge. More like hunting scenarios so it wasn’t necessarily about who’s got the highest score. It was about you know, buddies getting out on a range and see if we can make the best shots and that’s and that’s exactly what you know total archery challenge is now it’s just brought the fun back to everybody’s laughing gig once you lose though you’re not all mad you know because you’re expecting it you’re gonna lose those the best guys they lost theirs you know? I agreed


Carrie Zylka  15:27

I think that it didn’t really take hold here in Wisconsin cuz I feel like it was exciting for a girl from Milwaukee to fly out to you know Snowbird, in the mountains and everything and it was or, you know, big sky or something. It’s just, I don’t I don’t know that people from Utah really care to come to Wisconsin where there’s a lot of people from Wisconsin who went there, you know, like, yeah, you know,



it’s just not. We have a buzzer.


Carrie Zylka  15:57

We are both fast. We have a bazillion different You know, archery events here that not that it wasn’t like, it’s not a big deal here, but it’s just not out of the norm, I guess where man shooting a big sky would be so cool, you know for a Midwesterner. And so I didn’t take hold here.


Tim Endsley  16:19

I think you’re right. I think it’s, you know, it’s such a novelty for us that live out here in the Midwest and the south to go west. And be able to be in those mountains. And, and just experience that and it’s, and, you know, for somebody from Utah, Montana, whatever, you know, like, they don’t really have a lot to gain by coming out here, you know, to the to the Midwest, and I’m going to shoot plus those guys out there don’t travel well anyway. But no, those those those Western guys like, they can display their own state, they tend to stay in a state by they tend to want to stay right where they are. They don’t want to travel like we all right? We’re the ones that want to go all over the place.


Carrie Zylka  17:05

Right? Yeah.


Tim Endsley  17:09

What else what else we won’t get into anyway.


Carrie Zylka  17:12

I think that really kind of wraps it up. Tell the listeners to this is really what you’re doing like right now Why? Because you are so passionate about like taking on bulk gas and getting it relaunched, but tell them exactly what you’re doing right now.


Tim Endsley  17:30

Yeah, so I ended up starting a production company called Wild Horse motion and dude a ton of content creating and not only that, just kind of my passion for filmmaking i want to i love the art of storytelling, you know, not necessarily outdoor television, but I love to make short films and, and produce short films. And that’s one of the things that I’m doing now is for several different companies that I work for is not an interesting stories and tell them you know, and it’s and And try to try and to tell them in a way that we kind of bring an audience in with us and and let people feel like they’re there or something they really want to do. Yeah, so you know filmmaking that’s what we do is just straight up production does photography work? We did some catalog work last year with with prime and some catalog photos and and we do photos for some other companies and this but mostly it’s just it’s just outdoor outdoor productions but also with rodeo like we just got finished filming this last week in Oklahoma for Monster Energy Drink. So a bowl rat and so we’re getting stuff for rodeo. And Next on the agenda is sometime here pretty soon we’re filming a huge rock climbing event in Arkansas that I didn’t even know anything about and I just found out about it and it’s like up Apparently there’s thousands of climbers that come from all over the United States and they converge here in Arkansas have this chat party to climb boulders. Yeah, so now we’re filming that for a company out of Arkansas called beta. So it’s gonna be a lot of fun just just just getting into a lot of different stuff. Plus, you know, it’s your job to go and hunt whatever I can and bovada as many plays as I can this year of less whitetail and more big game, just kind of get out of my norm and keep moving forward.


Carrie Zylka  19:33

Very cool. Well tell them where they can find out more about what you’re doing and how they can keep up with you.


Tim Endsley  19:39

The best way to find out what I’m doing is just Tim Inslee, it’s Tim underscore Inslee, dot wildhorse on Instagram, and you can pretty much like that’s pretty much the only place up anything like that about Facebook page. Now Facebook page, probably people would like to see that on Facebook. like Facebook, like three years, like where your stuffs posted on them like Yeah, I just send it from Instagram and Facebook. Get on. Yeah, it is the best place to find me Jim underscore in the leaf dot wildhorse on Instagram and that is the very best place to start. Awesome.


Carrie Zylka  20:21

Cool, Tim. Well, thanks for coming on. I appreciate you and trusting me with the Bowcast brand and I hope that I do it justice.


Tim Endsley  20:30

You’re gonna do a great job and I can’t wait to can’t wait to see where it goes from here because I think it’s going to be bigger, better.


Carrie Zylka  20:39

I hope so. No pressure


Tim Endsley  20:44

You’ll do it. You’ll do it. No doubt

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